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The Hart Groups is a unique company that focuses exclusively on providing your property with services that help build and maintain its beauty. The Hart Group is dedicated to meeting the needs of the beauty of your largest investment. By working with property owners to understand issues regarding their homes, The Hart Group became a leader in providing the highest level of service to its customers.

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The Destin Flooring Company

Are your floors looking worn and old? Maybe it’s time to call a Destin flooring company. One of the main areas to be considered when it comes to decorating our homes is the type of flooring we use. We like our floors to reflect the care and thought that we put into the rest of our home. But what happens when you floors have seen better days or you’re just looking for something new? You might think you don’t need a Destin flooring company.

If youve visited your home improvement center lately youve probably admired the big rolls of plush carpeting, the aisles of vinyl, ceramic and marble tiles and the rows of gorgeous hardwood flooring. Youve seen the tools and kits for do-it-yourself installation. So it must be fairly easy for the homeowner to tackle a self installation when it comes to flooring, right? Just because you can do it doesnt necessarily mean that you should. Home improvement centers will readily sell you anything that is required to put down your own floors but if you’re a novice will you be happy with end results? Hiring a reliable Destin flooring company is definitely your best option if you want to end up with beautiful floors.

A flooring company maintains a crew of special contractors trained in installing their products. Some flooring companies may specialize in a specific type of flooring. This is especially true of carpeting and hardwood simply because these are probably the two most popular types of flooring. If your rooms have irregular shapes or the flooring you’d like to install requires special adhesives a Destin flooring company knows how to handle the situation.

There used to be few options as to doing a search for a flooring company. You either had to ask someone you knew for a recommendation of a Destin flooring company or you picked up the local phone directory and went through the yellow pages. While these are still reliable ways of locating a flooring company, today there are so many other options.

More and more people are searching for what they need by using the internet and this includes finding a local Destin flooring company. There are a number of directories that maintain a database of qualified professional flooring companies. You may also find that some companies also have their own web sites with images of their products and past projects they have worked on. Seeing the site is really helpful, giving you a view of materials and what the finished job looks like.
This will probably be your best chance to get to know the person a little and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. If you are ever uncertain about any flooring company don’t feel you are obligated to work with them.

Once the Destin flooring company does a walk through and has some measurements in hand to work with they can then write up an accurate bid for you. This should consist of an itemized list of the type of flooring to be installed, the cost per square foot or yard along with a total for materials and the cost of the labor involved. You should also make certain that the flooring company quote includes a date for completion as well as your payment terms. While some companies may require payment in full once the project is completed, others may offer payment plans, such as a percentage down and predetermined monthly payments.

Before you make your final decision to work with any Destin flooring company you’ll want to do a background check. Call or visit the local Better Business Bureau to determine if the flooring company has ever had any complaints filed against them. If you do find any complaints you should find out what they were and how they were taken care of.

Destin Flooring Company: Making Your Final Choice

While budget is usually a big concern, when it comes to flooring you aren’t looking for the cheapest estimate. Destin flooring company might offer you a low bid and some pretty nice discounts but as you know that floor needs to be installed properly to ensure its durability and long life. You want a bid that offers you a balance of all these factors.

After going over all the bids and choosing the Destin flooring company that you feel is right for your project, its time to get everything in writing. Remember that a bid is not a contract and a hand shake isn’t enough. If you don’t get it in writing and something goes wrong you’ll probably have no recourse but to live with poorly installed flooring. The flooring company contract should spell out in detail everything that was in the bid including the type of flooring to be laid, other materials such as underlayment for hardwood floors or padding for carpeting and the cost of installation.

Your contract with the Destin flooring company should also include the agreed upon payment plan and any warranties and guarantees on materials, installation and labor. Take the time to think before you sign anything. Remember that the flooring under your feet is probably going to be the most used and abused part of your home. You want to know that it will last and you want to choose a Destin flooring company that will do the job right.
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The Hart Group did an excellent job installing our tile. The grout lines are neat and tile was smooth. Stacy and the crew did the work in a timely manner at the price quoted. After the work was completed, Mr. Hart came back to make sure we were completely satisfied. I will certainly uses then again on our future projects.
Randy T. - Miramar Beach, FL
I was very happy with my choice in hiring The Hart Group. While they advertise that they perform a lot of different work, they deliver top quality work and great service. I hired The Hart Group to install a tile floor and they went above and beyond my expectations. It was a custom job at a very affordable price. The installers were professional and efficient. Mr. Hart called when he said he would and I was always aware of the timeline for completion. I can't wait to come up with another project, so I can call them again.
Colleen D. - Navarre, FL
We hired The Hart Group to come out and take pictures and inspect our property. They installed wood floors throughout the home and did a fantastic job. Mr. Hart was awesome. Great communication and follow through with more than we asked for. Absolutely perfect contractor with wonderful results.
Jim B. - Santa Rosa Beach, FL
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